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The banking industry began to develop dramatically after modern banking methods emerged and the tools IT industry provided for it were used. Today, traditional banking methods, which were used a decade earlier, are obsolete and modern banking methods along with the development of technology have simplified the process both for bankers and customers.

Bank cards have replaced passbooks, and bank branches and counters have been replaced with ATM and Internet Banking. Overall, the relationship between customers and banks has undergone major changes. If using self-service terminals was once considered as a comparative advantage of a bank over another bank, today it is a necessity. In other words, if a bank cannot provide its customers with various services during the year, at all hours of the day and night, it will lose its customers.

In addition to the banks themselves that prepare the ground for this technological development, such development requires big companies that can implement new strategies both for software and hardware fields. Just like any market in which a need can develop industry, the existing need in the banking network has developed IT industry. Given the sensitivity of the banking network towards enhancing security and accuracy, most of the developments in the fields of network security and accurately processing transactions could lead to progresses in IT industry. The first mistake a company makes would be its last mistake; therefore, banks never risk losing their credibility due to trusting a small company. Accordingly, there are only few but reliable brands in banking industry that could be successful in this field. The lifespan of a company active in the field of electronic banking proves its credibility. Perhaps there are only few famous companies active in this field (including selfservice terminal manufacturers and core banking solution developers). Some familiar brands, both in hardware and software fields, in which customers can assuredly trust include NCR, Wincor Nixdorf, and Diebold.

There are not many internationally known and famous suppliers in the field of self-service terminals. Most of them are American or European companies, active in this field for many years. The machines manufactured by these companies are used all over the world, and every day, proportional to the development of technology and increasing needs of bank customers, new models are added to them. The intermediaries of these suppliers and banks as customers are the companies that implement appropriate solutions for banks by taking advantage of high technical knowledge and experience. In addition to supplying this equipment, complete technical mastery of software layers and communication protocols between self-service terminals and core banking solution is a requirement for a solution to be operationalized.

After selecting hardware installation and software connectivity, a bank will be ready to utilize a selfservice terminal. However, the important thing since the first day of utilization is to provide field service and maintenance for these machines. There is no machine that can be operational without hardware and software support. This is especially true about ATMs that consist of many parts, and consequently are subject to failure.

To provide a good service, in addition to a good and quality machine, there must be an experienced team monitoring machines performance and taking immediate measures to repair devices after a failure is reported. Here is where spare parts become highly important.

Gulen Technology Co., Limited  Benefiting from years of work experience in international supplier companies and relying on the scientific capabilities of various experts in the fields of electronics, mechanics, and software, the directors and founders of Gulen Technology Co., Limited stepped into this path over a decade ago. Today, we can proudly witness their great achievements. Consisting of four facilities in four countries, and with a production line for parts and assembly of ATM machines and other self-service terminals, the internationally known Gulen Technology Co., Limited  exports its products to over 40 countries around the world. Quality products and compliance with updated international standards as well as competitive pricing have been the key to this group's success.

Now after almost ten years from the time Gulen Technology Co., Limited was established, sales and service agency in eight countries, and they are exporting products to over forty countries, it could be claimed that Gulen Technology Co., Limited has gained a large portion of the big electronic banking market. Using the best experts of electronics, mechanics, and computer, and high technical knowledge and expertise in production and providing support for ATM machines from globally recognized brands have covered a great part of the need of the region. Although the primary goal of the companies in this group was producing and procuring spare parts of the existing machines, the increase in the production capacity and the customers' interest have led to satisfaction of customers with the ATM machines produced by this group. After production and supply of spare parts, they progressed to the next phase by overhauling and refurbishment of the existing machines. The large number of the machines with completed useful life led to creation of a market that made the Gulen Technology Co., Limited think of the idea of overhauling these machines in the first stage. As this company was itself a supplier of spare parts, it refurbished the machines from banks in the next stage and then introduced them again to the service cycle. This big experience brought a capability for the company through which it supplied the machinery of its production. When the number of company's produced parts reached over 20000 items, it would mean that almost all parts would produce various models of ATM machines.

Today, the Gulen Technology Co., Limited  is not seeking refurbishment projects because approximately hundred percent of parts are produced by the group companies and complete ATM machines are supplied in recent  years  which  are  entirely  new  and  produced  by  the  group  companies.  In  practice,  the refurbished machines are removed from the company’s products market. Yet, the possibility and capability exists in this group of companies to carry out orders such as a bank or financial institution requesting the refurbishment of its existing ATM machines or upgrading its parts.

Gulen Technology Co., Limited  Among other capabilities of the company is the company experts’ mastery of banking software. What   differentiates   this   company   from   other similar hardware suppliers is the unparalleled knowledge  of  the  programming  team  in  writing ATM clients, complete acquaintance with well‐ known ATM standards, communication protocols and bank switches, sufficient experience and knowledge of writing ATM devices drivers based on Wosa/XFS standard and enjoying the required tools for customizing existing applications. The experts of this company carry out various projects with regard to developing different clients on standard platforms such as Wosa/XFS. Numerous projects of this company on upgrading from OS/2 to Windows® XP in the past years and moving from Windows® XP to Windows® 7 in recent years are among the strong points of this company. Implementing different messaging protocols while observing the highest security level in processing bank transactions and connecting ATMs to various bank switches is among a great number of services that this company offers to its customers.

Gulen Technology Co., Limited Through hiring expert workforce each with long years of experience in their fields of expertise who have worked for years in the banking network and are fully conversant with ATMs, Gulen Technology Co., Limited  has strived to fulfill all the needs of its customers, thus practically turning into a reliable trade partner for banks and local suppliers in the region. A great deal of companies offering support and maintenance services have entered the business relying on parts manufactured by Gulen Technology Co., Limited  and have been successful in their work.

Training is another service provided by Gulen Technology Co., Limited . Many companies who are active in the field of support and maintenance and want to win the contracts of supporting these machines for banks benefit from Gulen Technology Co., Limited ’s courses in order to train their field and workshop personnel. There are usually two types of training; a series of training for operating ATM machines which are usually provided at Operatory and Supervisory levels. Banks and financial institutions who buy ATM machines participate in these courses. There is also a series of more technical training for the personnel of companies who want to service these machines. They are classified into two groups: Field Engineers who visit ATM machines in the case of malfunction and fix the problem or change the parts; and another group who carries out major repairs on faulty modules in workshops. Due to the technical nature of these trainings, the syllabus of these courses are usually designed and offered on companies’ demand and based on customer needs. 

Gulen Technology Co., Limited company's capabilities are not limited to the above report. With its high potential, Gulen Technology Co., Limited has set its goal for covering all customer requirements and it has achieved a major part of this objective to date. One of the future goals of this company is to develop a more reliable platform so that users can receive more diverse services from ATM machines.





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