ATM Parts Supply

In Gulen Technology Co., Limited , we provide you with our knowledge, experience and capabilities to direct you towards achievements in this business.

With more than two decades experience in ATM industry, relying on the best experts of this industry and also taking advantage of an integrated network, we meet all needs of the growing services market.

You can count on our help if you have machines with authentic brands including NCR, Wincor Nixdorf, Diebold, Nautilus Hyosung and GRG. This help includes training and solving your problems in fields of operation and maintenance of machines, providing software supports, upgrading or developing as well as supplying necessary spare parts.

In Gulen Technology Co., Limited , we have made a large supply chain through equipping three large warehouses in three points of the world in order to meet the received requests in the shortest possible time.

We believe that our success within our two decades of activity has highly depended on your development and success and our best criterion to assess our capabilities is to be considered reliable by you.


New and Refurbished ATM Sales

Our company not only provides different services, but also it is able to supply new and refurbished machines of the world class brands. Ready-to-install machines from different brands such as NCR, Wincor Nixdorf, Diebold, Nautilus Hyosung and GRG in various forms of Through The Wall, Lobby and Stand Alone with at least a year guarantee allow you to choose the most proper machines for your needs and to install and operationalize them easily.


ATM Leasing

We have a suggestion for you if you do not intend to pay any cost for buying machines, but you found our machines proper: you can have them via leasing. You can pay the price by installments in several years instead of paying at once and in this way you can extend your business. In Gulen Technology Co., Limited , we offer you the best ways of leasing with competitive rates.



Our experienced experts in all ISO Certified Repair Centers are ready to serve you, to support the sold machines and to troubleshoot and repair all defective modules.



We are one of the industry leading suppliers of refurbished machines to Banks and Financial Institutions in Gulen Technology Co., Limited . We have valuable experience of refurbishment of well-known brands such as NCR, Wincor Nixdorf and Diebold. This refurbishment experience also serves new brands whose products are not too old. We also refurbish Nautilus Hyosung and GRG machines. Our refurbishment quality is so high that our refurbished ATM can compete with new manufactured ATMs both in appearance and function. That is, we give you at least six-month warranty even on refurbished machines. To ensure refurbishment quality of these machines and approaching the quality of a totally new machine, we use a comprehensive remanufacturing process resulted by two decades of experience in this industry. In this process, all modules open, get quite clean, and get repaired or replaced in case they have any physical or technical problem and then, they will be reinstalled on the machine. During this process, any piece whose lifetime is coming to an end will be replaced, even if it is flawless. This process will continue until there is no more unreliable module left on the refurbished machine. Exterior modules including Fascia, Cabinetry and Safe Box will be resprayed so that the machine would become more similar to the one produced at the first place. This process not only assures us that the machine properly would serves on the site, but it also guarantees the quality, lifetime and performance of other modules including Cables, Bolts and Collar Kits and Software.


Electronic Components Supply

We have gathered all electronic components required for ATM, such as ICs, Relays, Coils, Transistors, Connectors, LCDs, CPUs, LEDs, Sockets, Fans, Batteries, Stepper and DC Motors, to you to avoid any problem for maintenance of your machines even if some components are discontinued or obsolete.


ATM Training

Our educational courses have been designed for two groups of trainees. Operatory and Supervisory courses. Operatory courses are generally for those who use these machines and Supervisory courses are for those who need to fix possible problems of the machine as well. In addition to these two courses, we also train engineers of partner companies to enable them to do maintenance at two levels. The first level of this training enables your field engineers to detect and resolve the problem of defective modules. The second level training, which is in accordance with the manufacturers’ standards, enables the workshop engineers to fix even mechanical modules and electronic boards. Curriculum of these courses is similar to that of the courses presented by the manufacturers. However, if your engineers have been already trained, curriculum of these courses can be changed according to the level of trainees or based on your need. In these courses, trainees learn problem finding techniques and systematic methods of removing them. These courses have been designed to include prerequisites to support new generation models of NCR, Wincor Nixdorf and Diebold as well.


Maintenance Enablement

Backed by our technical knowledge, facilities, and experts’ experience, you can establish the maintenance department of your company without the need for spending a great deal of money, and enter maintenance tenders and contracts in addition to supporting your machines. Our ATM Maintenance Enablement service allows you to rely on a trustable business partner and set foot on a path that requires a huge investment and spending too much time for your rivals. You will need the followings to set up your maintenance department:

1. Competent field engineer team
Our experts are the top-notchers of the industry and have direct background and work experience in the maintenance of the machines of reputable, global brands. During training courses, this experience and technical knowledge can be transferred to your maintenance team members.

2. Spare parts warehouse

3. Before a maintenance project sets off, you should never be concerned about the supply of spare parts and the necessary tooling. According to technical manuals and in view of the knowledge we have about the failure rates of your machine as well as its installation site and environmental conditions, we will suggest that you procure the frequently used parts before the maintenance contract starts and keep them properly in your service centers

4. Management system
Our proposed management system for spare parts warehousing, which is in accordance with the latest world standards, guarantees that the part you need will be available at the time you request it, so as to minimize the downtime of your machine.

5.Expert workshop
You can arrange for an appropriate workshop through level-one and level-two technical trainings for module repair. To train the team and have the service manuals at your disposal, you can trust our team’s knowledge and experience and take benefit from our training courses. The faster repair of defective parts allows them to go back to the usage cycle faster, thereby reducing your spare parts costs.

Along with properly organizing the spare parts and repair warehouse, getting the required module as soon as possible to the intended location increases the speed of module repair or replacement, decreasing the downtime of your machine and gaining customers’ satisfaction.
Having us beside you as a reliable business partner, you can simultaneously cover all reputable world brands. You can reduce the shipment costs of your required parts by decreasing the number of sources, thus entering the maintenance industry more quickly and always progress on the cutting edge of technology.



We have three warehouses in three locations, . This allows us to ship your orders as fast as possible. All the necessary considerations in terms of security, temperature and moisture conditions, and the prevention of harmful animals entering the warehouses are taken into account. The modules to be shipped from warehouses are double checked before they are sent off to the customer?s site, so that there would be no concern regarding the integrity of the modules.


Advance Exchange

In addition to the standard support and warranty services we offer to our customers, we also have an Advance Exchange Program with which we try to maximize our customers? satisfaction. Along with the new parts, we have a stock of pre-repaired modules that can considerably shorten our warranty period. This service enables us to give the replacement module to the customer on the day the defective module arrives. Backed by this service, we have pre-repaired frequently used parts, which are at times expensive, and can give them to you as replacements for defective modules (during the warranty period), or sell them to you at a much lower price (compared to the new module). These parts are all refurbished, pre-repaired, and completely tested, their quality is confirmed by our workshop team, and they are offered to you with a three-month warranty. With this service, you can substantially save time and costs.