Insurance Claims

According the world's largest carriers, (e.g., DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT, etc.), only a very small percentage of packages are actually lost or damaged in transit. However, when it happens to you - it's no small problem. Claims for loss or damages must be filed with the carrier immediately and all original packaging must be saved.

Loss: If a package is lost, the carrier may request a package tracer. A tracer must be requested within nine months of a package's scheduled delivery date. The purpose of the tracer is to provide proof of delivery. If the carrier is unable to prove delivery, a claim number for loss is issued.
Damage: A damaged package may be reported by the carrier or the receiver. An inspection may be required. A damage inspection report is prepared and the shipper of record (in this case, Gulen Technology Co., Limited  ) is contacted with the results of the inspection. If approved for payment, a damage claim number is issued.


What to do...

1. When a package containing parts that you have ordered from Gulen Technology Co., Limited  is delivered to your site, make an immediate detailed inspection of each package delivered by the carrier.
2. While the driver is still at your site, note any and every exception on the carrier's delivery receipt with respect to any loss or damage existing at the time you accept delivery. It is extremely important to note the exact exceptions in writing on the delivery receipt.
3. Ask the driver to print his name on the consignee copy of the delivery receipt and don't forget to have him sign the receipt.
4. Retain a copy of the delivery receipt for your files.
5. Promptly contact the responsible carrier by phone, regarding the damage or non-delivery and request an inspection (in case of damaged goods). Be sure to keep a record of the full name of the individual you spoke with and the date and time of your conversation.
6. In addition, send a written notice to the carrier stating that you hold them responsible for the loss or damage and request payment for the damaged or missing goods. If the carrier waives his right to inspect the damaged goods, have them do so in writing. Please allow a minimum of seven (7) days for the carrier to arrange an inspection.
7. Preserve all packing for examination by the carrier. They will inspect the damaged package to determine the cause of damage and verify that proper packing materials were used (per the shipping terms).
8. Keep the following documents in support of your claim:
Gulen Technology Co., Limited 's commercial invoice to establish the cost of the goods
Packing list to establish weight and size of lost or damaged goods.
All bills of lading/airway bills.
Copies of all delivery receipts with the exceptions noted in writing.
With regard to missing goods, written confirmation by the carrier involved attesting to the inability to make delivery.
Your statement of claim.
Any correspondence or other reports or information relevant to the lost or damaged package.
Original survey report from the carrier.



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